NOTE: This will work with Mac OS X AND every known Linux distribution.


NOTE2: A special thanks flies to the maintainer and tester of the WINE AppDB which have found out, how to deal with the problematic Glow and Mouse Over Effects!

Since I’ve playing League of Legends with WINE, I’m played a little bit with the graphical settings at all.

In the official AppDB of WINE you can see some improvements, which I will write here down again. But that is not all, you can also do some things more to improve your FPS at all.

So, let us start with the known things from the AppDB.

At first, go to your League of Legends installation directory. If you are there, go to the directory “game/DATA/CFG/defaults”. Here you will got some files, but only 2 of these things are interesting for us, the Game.cfg and the GamePermanent.cfg.

Open now the Game.cfg and search for “[MouseOverEffect]”. If you found this one, open it with your favourite editor and change in this sections the value:

Style = 2

to the value

Style = 0

That’s all in this file. Save it and close!

Now, we come to the GamePermanent.cfg. Open it and search for “[FriendlyNameTag], [EnemyNameTag], [PlayerNameTag]”.
In every of the named sections, there is a part which is called

Glow = 2

now, easily change this lines to

Glow = 0

This will disable the Glow Effects, which you see, when you will go with your mouse on one over the units or heroes in the game. These Glow Effects will normally drop down your FPS heavily, so by disabeling them, we counter this one.

Now you have done the first part of the tweaking. At next, you have to change some settings in Game. These settings are at the graphical part (ESC –> Graphics).

If you are there, you should disable the shadows and VSync. This will give you a FPS boost for round about 20 FPS in my case.
You should also set the frame cap limit from “stable” to 60 FPS. This also will help you to get more FPS, because League of Legends will not use the average FPS value anymore.

Now, you’re done. You will have changed everything which is possible to get more FPS out of the game with WINE. So, I wish you a lot of fun 😉

If you have any questions, you’re welcome!